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How we keep the cost so low

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Cost of Weight Loss Shock:

How BV Medical Solutions r Maintains Such Low Treatment Costs...

... and How Today's Most Popular Weight Loss Plans Can Easily Top $1,000 Per Month in Real Cost

Under the glitz and grandeur of many of today's most well-liked weight-loss choices, there is a startling truth:

The cost is outrageous!

The expenses associated with well-known programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Medifast are largely unknown to customers.

This is because the majority of these well-known programs do not want you to be aware of the real expenses until after you have committed!


In reality, a survey by the Duke University Global Health Institute discovered that the typical price per pound for well-known weight reduction programs was about $123 per pound!

For the opportunity to lose 30 pounds, that amounts to a fee of almost $4,000!


A registered dietitian's one-hour consultation usually costs $200, and weekly sessions are advised for optimal outcomes.

That means upwards of $800 per month – just for consultations!


Other techniques, such as fat-freezing, red-light treatment, and contouring med spas, can cost thousands of dollars and have, at best, unreliable outcomes.

Additionally, surgical weight reduction alternatives like gastric bypass, gastric banding, or stomach stapling are available for people who need to drop about 100 pounds.

Depending on the treatment, budget for spending $25,000 or more.

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Costs of Losing Weight Are Generally Uncovered by Insurance Carriers

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The fact that the costs are almost always paid out of your own wallet makes these exorbitant prices—for care that is frequently dubious—so aggravating.

Because attempts to lose weight are typically viewed by insurance companies as "elective" procedures, their expenses are typically not covered by most plans.

This puts the onus of paying firmly on your shoulders.  However, you can use funds from  your HSA or FSA account for payment.  It is a tax free option.

It's crucially essential that you achieve your weight reduction goals in a manner that is both economical and efficient because every dollar you spend directly affects your own family budget.

Due to the FDA's recent clearance of a new line of weight-loss drugs...that is not just feasible, but also simpler and less costly than the majority of conventional solutions!


We do offer free financing for up to 18 months.

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Seven Secrets that Doctors and “Big Pharma” Don’t Want You to Know About Weight Loss

With so many Americans struggling to achieve weight loss success, it’s clear that the existing programs and methods simply aren’t cutting it.

The fact that so many Americans struggle with weight reduction achievement makes it obvious that the current programs and techniques are ineffective.

After all, 30% of Americans are presently fat and 70% of Americans are overweight!

There had to be a shift, and fortunately there has been one.

The first novel class of weight-loss drugs in more than eight years received FDA clearance last year.

The New York Times and numerous TV networks have declared that this new drug may be "the holy grail" of weight reduction due to its outstanding results.

How outstanding are the outcomes?

A startling 20% drop in body weight is reported by university experts studying obesity and the respected New England Journal of Medicine.

And Gayle King said on CBS This Morning, "This medicine could change lives...A acquaintance of mine who uses it dropped 15 pounds in a week.

So how does it function?

It is a prescribed medication that has been specially blended to meet your individual requirements. It is taken once per week...It also enables you to consume less while still receiving the suggested amount of nutrition each day.


The best part...You're feeling fantastic, and so is your pocketbook!

"20% Loss of Body Weight": A New FDA-Approved Drug Changes the Game for Americans

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Inquire about the $100 Win-Win Club!

Both of you will receive $100 if you recommend a patient who later enrolls.

Thousands of Dollars Less than Other Weight Loss Programs, Potentially...Countless Monthly Savings in Addition!

BV Medical Solutions is happy to provide access to this revolutionary new drug that has received FDA approval.

It is a medical weight reduction treatment that is accessible to adults over the age of 18 and is specially formulated to suit your unique requirements.

You already know that losing weight successfully can have a variety of positive effects on your life.


You can now rapidly accomplish that success—without strict dieting and exercise—thanks to Ohio Health Centers!

You might be able to recover from severe medical tens of thousands of dollars annually on medical expensesbenefit from improved relationships, increased career achievement, and a greater sense of self-worth.​

Not to mention, you'll spend less at eateries and the grocery store because this therapy encourages you to consume smaller amounts and suppress your hunger.

Additionally, Ohio Health Center does not attempt to conceal its expenses, in contrast to those well-known weight reduction programs stated earlier.

Because of our established working ties with our authorized U.S. pharmacies, you won't have to spend $4,000 to drop 30 pounds. The cost of your monthly consultations with a dietician won't be $800 (not including meals).

You won't spend thousands of dollars on the most recent "fad" procedure only to be let down by the outcomes. You won't shell out $25,000 or more for weight reduction procedure, either.

Instead, you'll spend a lot less money and have the chance to get a sizable medication rebate for each new customer you refer to us.

You'll reduce your regular expenses the more people you refer to us!

And once they observe the outcomes you are achieving with this innovative prescription mix made specifically for you, your friends, family, and coworkers...In no time, you'll be able to accumulate those recommendation points.

The shocking cost of today's widely used weight reduction treatments is actually much higher than most customers know.

That's because those programs are obscenely expensive, and for good reason!

An FDA-approved prescription drug that has been dubbed "the holy grail" of weight reduction is now available, and it works.

Additionally, you can achieve achievement for a minuscule fraction of the price!

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Revealed: What Today's Popular Weight Loss Options Really Cost

Regular meetings with a chef or dietitian Icon

$800 - $1,000 per month:

Regular meetings with a chef or dietitian

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$800 - $1,000 per month:

Frequently used weight reduction regimens include Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Medifast.

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$5,000 - $10,000 and up:

Red-light treatment, body-contouring med retreats, and fat-freezing

Weight loss surgery icon

$25,000 and up:

Weight loss surgery

Free, No-Obligation

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