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Wellness Journey - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Updated: Mar 19

This has been a life-long journey for me. I have been fit and I have been fat. Such an ugly word, but in reality, I have been a very large woman in the past - more than once. I've been mocked, my health has suffered, men have dated me because of my bulk - I was even "lovingly" called a Hefty trash bag in an analogy to my friends! Another friend once said to me when she was 9 months pregnant that people stared at her, and she now understood how I felt when people stared at me. I was devastated. So, I UNDERSTAND!

Looking back, In the last couple years of my unhappy marriage I got "large" in an effort to dissuade my husband's attention. Despite my unhappiness - loneliness and divorce was worse. So, I began to lose weight. I even got a gastric lap-band, and I lost 105 pounds! I was in a size 10 and I am not sure I had ever been in a size 10 in my adult life. I was straining towards a size 24 when I started. I am a tall, big boned woman and my bulk was made ever more prominent as a result. I even had excess skin cut off my whole body and a breast reduction. I don't remember how many surgeries I had. My body is scarred by them, but I didn't care. I could now live my best healthy life and not be stared at - or if I was it was for my beauty, not my size.

I had to have the lap band removed and it was converted to a sleeve, and I began to gain again. Insidiously so as not to notice at first. I gained half of my weight back by the time I hit menopause. I was desperate and I couldn't afford the popular weight loss drugs that my insurance didn't pay for, so I decided to do something about it for me and for others.

I partnered with a doctor's clinic and a compounding pharmacy, and I opened this wellness center. Our purpose is to walk through this journey with you at an affordable price. Every step. When you get stuck, we help you get unstuck. We provide more than just encouragement. We provide results. Thanks to the medication you rarely "slip" because your hunger and cravings are controlled. You don't have to diet or exercise to lose weight on this medication, but we offer meal plans, exercise plans, a trainer and even IV infusions for weight loss. You can get a B12 shot, or even better you can get a massage to help eliminate waste in the body. Massage encourages your systems to work better and even increase your metabolism by eliminating or reducing cortisol from stress that prevents your metabolism from working properly and losing weight. We offer shadow box classes to help with any emotional issue that may be holding you back. Our purpose is to help all of your major body systems to work more efficiently, to prevent people from Type II diabetes, heart conditions, and more. This medication is currently in studies to combat addiction, liver disease, dementia and more. It is called a miracle drug for a reason.

I have lost 45 pounds and I have another 20 to go. Come follow me on this blog to learn about other patients, health advice, recipes, fun facts and more. You can also give us a call for any of our services. We now have a massage club and offer Myers B and Hangover IVs as well and are open on Saturday mornings. We would love to hear from you about your journey.

Check out the brief video and look for new content. Can't "weight" to hear from you!

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